Main information

     Despite that we generally do not need to provide personal identifying information such as your e-mail, name, physical address, telephone number etc. (collectively "Personal Information"), please note that to use some of the functions and participate in activities and to shop in our store, you will be required to provide a small part of your personal data at different places in the site. By providing us your personal information on this site, you fully understand and unambiguously consent to the collection and use of such personal data in accordance with the conditions set out in this notice of privacy ("Privacy Policy"). If you do not agree to these Terms of Privacy, do not provide Personal Data on this Site. In addition, we reserve the right to change or modify the Terms of Privacy at any time as posted, following changes in the law.

Collection of Personal Data and other user information

     To realize one or more of requested functions or activities,so that you can access our products or services, we will collect information only by lawful and honorable way. The introduction of mandatory information on the Site is marked with an * or similar mark. We may request additional non-mandatory information from you in order to become better acquainted with your customers and conduct direct marketing as well as receive gifts, bonuses, advertising, etc. You may wish to provide the requested information. At the time of data collection or subsequently, we will take reasonable steps to ensure that you are aware of what personal data and for what specified purposes we need such. Our servers automatically recognize and store information about each visitor to the site, which is usually not considered personal, such as IP address and domain name of the visitor. We use user-information to understand visitor traffic patterns on the site in order to improve its usability. Your computer provides this information automatically each time you log on, unless you've activated blocking technology available in some browsers. This information allows us to improve the site to customize it to your interests and preferences or to simply facilitate your signing in to use the services.

Use and disclosure of personal information

     The provided us personal information through the Site will be treated in a proper and careful manner. Without limiting the foregoing, we will use the data to carry out the desired function or activities, so that you be able to get access to our products and services or direct marketing purposes.

Demolition and updating of Personal Data

    In the event that personal data held by us is no longer required for any of the purposes specified in the section "Use and Disclose of Personal Data" above, we undertake to take reasonable steps to destroy the personal information, after a period of time. If you have provided personal information, you shall have the right, on reasonable prior written notice, to request inspection change, amendment, or deletion of personal data. Instructions on how to request inspection change, amendment, or deletion of your personal data will be supplied upon request.


    You can be assured that we make every effort to maintain the security of your data by preventing unauthorized access to it through the use of appropriate technology and internal procedures.