Terms of use of TAC.BG

The present general conditions are an arrangement between tac.bg and its customers.

The information contained in tac.bg including all texts and images (pictures) are protected by copyright and related rights. Any use of any part of the contents of tac.bg without consent and written approval of the representatives of the site is forbidden and will be prosecuted.


• Tac.bg a virtual information resource freely accessible via the World Wide Web. For brevity below in tac.bg document can be referred to as "site"
• User is any person visiting tac.bg and utilizing the information in it.

Terms and conditions

1. All users of the Site, whether registered or not, are entitled to use the services provided by tac.bg only under these conditions.
2. With each click on the hyper link from tac.bg, users declare that they agree to these terms and conditions and agree to use tac.bg under the terms and conditions described below.

Rights and obligations of users

3. Each user is entitled to use as much free tac.bg that as it is allowed by the system and shall comply with the conditions described in this document.
4. Consumers, whether registered or not, do not have the right to disseminate information through tac.bg or relate to the site such information as: acts contrary to law, violence, racism, pornography, threats, content constituting trade secrets and other information contrary to good morals and good behavior.
5. Users have the right to register in tac.bg providing the true data. If the user does not fill properly his information the administrators may delete his profile and all information you have entered without notice.
6. Any user may delete the information introduced by him or completely cease its participation in the site at any time without warning to tac.bg..
7. Each user bears the full responsibility and consequences of information added to the site it tac.bg
8. The user is obliged to compensate for damage tac.bg if there is any.
9. Each member is required to check periodically for changes in “Terms and Conditions”

Rights of tac.bg

10. Tac.bg has the right to change these Terms of Use without explicit notice.
11. Tac.bg not required and is objectively unable to verify any information entered by users.
12. Tac.bg and its administrators are entitled but not obliged to delete any information entered by users, which does not correspond to the law of the Republic of Bulgaria, the etiquette of these terms of use. Administrators also have the right to remove information on its own motion or following a signal from other users for information detrimental to their image and dignity.
13. Tac.bg does not guarantee that the services provided will be uninterrupted, accessible 24 hours a day seven days a week.
14. Tac.bg is not responsible for the lost of information introduced by the users, and also not responsible for the consequences of the lost of this information.
15. Tac.bg may collect information entered by its users (including IP addresses, email addresses, etc.. ) and use it as confidential.
16. Tac.bg may record cookies on a user's computer for smooth delivery of services to the site.

Tac.bg team thanks you for reading the terms of use and wishes you a pleasant and great work with the site!